Romare Bearden Park Engagement Photos

We recently traveled to Charlotte for Cathyrn and Peter's engagement session. We took a few photos at their home, then shot the rest downtown at the Romare Bearden Park. It was such a fun shoot! engagements engagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagementsengagements

This hands down is some of the most creative engagement photos we've ever taken. I'm so grateful our couple trusted us and allowed us to shoot under the water fountain. Let's just say they got drenched. But they have some unique photos that they will cherish for many years to come.


Congratulations. We can't wait until your fall wedding!