Crystal Coast Wedding Photographers - Emerald Isle, Beaufort, Atlantic Beach

Crystal Coast wedding photographers have to know their way around many places including Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Beaufort and Morehead City, N.C. While all of these bright, lively communities comprise this much-loved part of our coast, each place is unique in its own special way.

Crystal Coast Wedding Photographers

Knowing the best landmarks, scenic overlooks and venues can make capturing photos in these stunning locales a breeze.

Emerald Isle is an island literally known for its emerald-hued waters and sandy beaches. It boasts not only charming beachside weddings but also luxurious venues, such as The Watson House and Gardens, as well a plethora of private beach house rentals to host a wedding all in one place - and makes for stunning photos, too.

Crystal Coast Wedding Photographers

Atlantic Beach boasts a fun family atmosphere that’s great for the couple searching for that type of wedding location. There’s historic Fort Macon for the history buffs, as well as lots of beach recreation. Celebration Cottage is a gorgeous beachside venue for couples looking to overlook the water as they say “I do.” You'll be eager at the chance to snap some golden hour light from this awe-inducing spot.

Crystal Coast Wedding Photographers

Pine Knoll Shores is just about as relaxing of a place as you can get. This quiet coastal community is perfect for more laidback ceremonies and celebrations. The Maritime Forest, the North Carolina Aquarium, and the Cape Lookout National Seashore are some of the most coveted, photographed places on our coast.

One word describes Beaufort: charming. This small waterfront community features lots of historic spots nestled within its bustling downtown. The sunsets are splendid out on the waterfront and tourists can even get around with the help of double-decker buses. The North Carolina Maritime Museum, Front Street Boardwalk, as well as waterfront restaurants and historic walking tours, make this town a unique place to photograph from start to finish.

Morehead City is known for its ecotourism activities and promotes itself as “Fisherman’s Paradise.” Couples here have access to some of the most beautiful beaches at the Crystal Coast. This laidback community is coastal living at its finest and if you're ready to get a lot of great beachside photos, this is your place.

Research your clients’ wedding location and dig in to find the best places to capture photos unique to the community. Those small hidden gems will help tell the story of the couple’s most special day on our state's beloved Crystal Coast.

Crystal Coast Wedding Photographers

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