Nature Photography

Nature photography requires patience and an attention to detail. Not only are there certain pieces of camera equipment that produce a breathtaking image but there are also things to keep in mind before you point the camera.


First and foremost, check the weather. This may seem like a no-brainer but truthfully, what’s going on outside will have a huge effect on your photos. And not just day-to-day but also seasonal changes can affect the flowers and trees in your location. Be prepared for whatever is out there.


Taking your time is important. You might happen upon a charming patch of wildflowers or an impressive collection of trees. Regardless, stop and think about the process from which you want to capture your images. If not, you might get overwhelmed with all that’s in front of you.


After you snap a photo that you’re satisfied with, make sure you catch the name of the flower or tree, if you can. If you can’t find the name, be sure to look it up once you return home. If the photo is done right, there will be many viewers dying to know the type – especially if you want your photos published.


Experiment with various perspectives. A flower is such a dynamic living thing that every angle is different. It might be a little more work but a creative photo is worth it.


If you want to photograph flowers and trees more seriously, consider looking into different camera lenses and additions that will make the job easier and more fruitful. Extension tubes, reflectors, tripods, and more can also help you get that perfect shot you're after.

If you're new to nature photography or just brushing up on your skills, get out there and get inspired. It's a living world full of wonder, teeming with opportunity to capture its magic.

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