Should I wear my mother’s wedding dress?

Should I wear my mother’s wedding dress?

Our bride, Amanda, lost her mother when she was young. For her, wearing her mother’s dress was something she really wanted to do. However, she wasn’t happy with the style or cut of the original dress, and she also wanted to use her grandmother’s dress. She reached out to a fashion designer and decided to create a custom gown and veil with her mother’s and grandmother’s dresses. The dress is beautiful in both modern and vintage ways. She really nailed it with the overall cut and feel of her dress and made it her own. It was the perfect choice for her intimate wedding with only 20 close friends and family members.


If you’re struggling with wearing your mother’s actual dress, there are ways to compromise. Consider cutting some of the inside of her dress and pinning it underneath your own to honor her on your day.

You can also wrap the fabric around your bouquet. Remember this: you don’t have to wear the gown to make her feel included.

We’ve also had brides wear their mother’s veil. This was a great way to still include a special family memento while not overshadowing an important and personal style decision.

Lastly, another alternative that could turn into a wonderful surprise is to consider going to a studio and taking photos with her dress during your bridal portraits. You can wear the dress and commemorate the occasion while still having your chance to shine in your own style on your own important day.

Don’t feel pressured to wear your mother’s dress, especially if her style doesn’t fit yours. Just be honest with her. Express to her that her dress is lovely and you’d love to honor her by wearing it but you want to look back on your photos to see a special look reminiscent of you and your fiancé and the day you shared together.

Be sure to thank her for her generosity regardless of whether you choose to wear it or not.