Should my dad walk me down the aisle?

Should my dad walk me down the aisle?

A father walking his daughter down the aisle is a tradition that dates back centuries but is something many families still choose to continue today. Having your father walk you down the aisle is not only a heartwarming gesture but it’s symbolic of the relationship you have with your family. Sure, you might not need them to “give you away” these days but it shows a sense of solidarity, pride, love, and respect between the bride and her father.


Of course, not every bride is able to have their father walk them down the aisle. This can be challenging but there are other, equally as endearing options.

First, if you are close with another family member – stepfather, mother, brother, aunt, uncle, or even a godparent – they can definitely walk you down the aisle. Having someone special and close with you during that moment can be especially heartwarming and memorable for you and for them.

Second, if your father feels uncomfortable doing it, ask your mother to join in! Many brides opt to have both parents walk them down the aisle.

Third, if neither one of those options are representative of you and your family, there’s no harm in walking down the aisle by yourself. Even with both parents in attendance or not, some brides feel this is a poignant moment to show the independence and confidence they’ve experienced throughout their adult life.

Finally, if your father wants to join you down the aisle but has limited mobility, explore options for the easiest way to make the walk down the aisle a memorable one. Figure out what is safest for him and if it’s important to you, then the two of you can make it happen.

No matter who you walk with, do them the courtesy of asking them beforehand and not assume they’ll just do it. They'll be truly honored.

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