Wedding Exits

Usually goodbyes are sad but wedding exits can and should be spectacular! Leaving your wedding can be just as memorable as when you take that first step down the aisle, and it’ll be the last thing your guests remember from your big day.


Many couples opt for a wedding exit to cap off their event in a way that is special and significant. Gone are the days where couples scurry under a shower of rice. Nowadays, couples are leaving with the help of creative additions like bubbles, confetti, streamers, sparklers, smoke bombs, and even a New Orleans-style second line.


You do have to plan a little for the wedding exit. Traditional departures of peeling away from the church are now often replaced with grand exits when leaving the reception. No matter how large or small your wedding may be, it’s important to coordinate this moment with your photographer so they can position themselves for a great shot.


Have your planner or a trusty friend ensure your getaway car, or transportation of choice, is ready to go. Play your last song of the night as a cue to inform guests you’re making your exit and make sure whatever item they’re using in the send-off is at-the-ready. Then, enjoy the moment as you are literally cheered on into the first day of marriage, whether by candlelight, fireworks, or everything in between.


There are no rules for exiting your wedding. But if you want to make it memorable, take the time to think it through so it’s a fabulous photo finish!

Photos by: Keepsake Memories Photography