What is Candid Photography

What is Candid Photography?

Candid wedding photography is being able to capture moments naturally without posing. Most times people are unaware of the photographer taking the photograph.


A similar style is photojournalism, which is capturing everything without any direction at all. Many news and documentary photographers shoot this style. We try to separate the two because a true photojournalist does not take formals or anything other then emotion and natural moments. That’s why we use the word candid when describing our style. We also shoot fine art which is the way we approach weddings and the style we like to display.

We capture candid moments during getting ready, ceremony, formals and times in between. But our favorite time to capture candids most times is at the reception. Everyone is more relaxed. The important events are out of the way and people are typically more of themselves.


Candid photos are essential for your wedding day. Some photographers will tell you it's not important to get dancing photos. But we love being at the wedding from start to finish. We're able to capture some moments that is cherished for many years to come.