Engagement Rings + Wedding Bands

Engagement Rings + Wedding Bands - NC Photographers.

Engagement rings are so important these days. It’s typically the main thing used to pop the question. The beautiful trend going on now is there is various types of wedding bands and engagement rings. Not all brides want the standard traditional ring with princess cut and white gold. We've seen many grooms stepping outside the box to really wow their finance’s. The ring is not the most important thing but it’s something she will wear throughout the duration of your marriage. Which hopefully is for a lifetime.

Here is a few of our favorite one of a kind rings:

This ring is gorgeous with a big diamond in the center with surrounding emerald stones. They also added a yellow gold diamond band to add in some contrast.


This is one of are favorite wedding rings ever. Our client had a vintage inspired wedding and this ring fit her so perfectly. The groom really did a great job with picking a ring that fit her style.


This neat ring is one of Moni Jom custom engagement rings. She offers the most unique pieces that is sure to wow any bride!


Here is a few of our client's traditional rings:

This ring is tradtional but has plenty of modern touches. When you turn the ring on it's side you can see the ornate details with small diamonds on the side. It's a beautiful ring!


This is what we would call a classic ring. With the large diamond and two small diamonds. The round stones give it a timeless look that is current for any time period.


You can also personalize the bands on the inside. How neat! You can create a small message or engrave your initials.


Our client was a tradtional bride that love a little bit of modern touches. This ring fits her personality so well. Her ring is full of bling everywhere but it's tailored to have more of a clean and sophisticated look.


This ring is simply beautiful. A single round stone embedded in platinum. So pretty!