When is the best time for portraits?

When is the best time for portraits? by North Carolina Wedding Photographers

The best time for portrait and engagement sessions is at sunrise or sunset. We prefer sunset because of the beautiful golden hour. What is golden hour? It’s the time closest to sunset and shortly after that gives off a soft look in your photos. The sun is not harsh, everyone’s eyes are open and it makes for some really dreamy and romantic photos.

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We also find that places are less busy in the evening versus the middle of the day so it’s the ideal time for pictures. However, we’ve done a few sunrise sessions and they are awesome, too! The only thing you need to be aware of is it’s typically chillier in the morning at that time. If it’s closer to spring or fall, it will likely be cold out.

When you think of a later shoot, your first reaction is that there will not be enough light. However, it truly is the most optimal time to shoot your photos and give you a finished product you’ll cherish.